Why Isn’t More Being Made of This News?

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From Focus on the Family   (link)

Why Isn’t More Being Made of This News?

It’s a story that news outlets should be reporting – but they’re not:

Since Jan. 20th law enforcement authorities have arrested more than 1,500 people for sex crimes ranging from sex trafficking to pedophilia. This figure is a big jump from the less than 400 arrests for the same crimes in all of 2014.

In other words, it’s not that sex crimes are on the rise – it’s that the enforcement of sex crime laws have become a priority.

Think about how many people – many of them children – won’t be sold for sex because of these arrests.

Why isn’t the media covering this?  Partisanship and politics, and that’s a shame, because if there’s an issue where the Right, Center and Left should be able to find common ground, it’s human trafficking. It’s an evil that goes beyond partisanship and politics. It’s an issue that should bring together people from across the ideological spectrum to condemn it – and to fight it.

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