What can I do?

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When talking to people about the injustice of Human Trafficking, a common response from many is the question “what can I do?.” The statistics out there can be overwhelming to the point, where nothing one individual does seems like it will even make a difference. Well fear not, there is something that every person in the world can do, and it is the joint effort of everyone who takes a stand that will bring an end to Human Trafficking world wide.

One type of action that we can take as Americans, is by signing petitions in support of new state and national laws, that would aid is helping bring an end to Human Trafficking here in the states. When a new bill is proposed, it needs our help and support to makes its way to Congress.

Go and check out the Action Center at the Polaris Project via the link below, and discover what petitions for your area, or for the Nation that you can sign.


It only takes a moment to sign one, and every signature can make a difference.




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