Exclusive Products

Better Way Imports offers 6 product lines available ONLY through our Freedom Fighters.  To order, fill out the form below.


Sari Bari

Each of the products are marked with the name of the woman who made it.  Every Sari Bari product is a unique handmade work of art, so when you order, you will be receiving a beautiful, unique, high quality item with an amazing story to share.  Because each item is handmade with recycled and repaired sari material, we cannot guarantee any specific colors.

Abba House

Abba House helps young men and women escape forced prostitution in Thailand by teaching them to create jewelry.   Abba House provides a wide variety of handmade items from bracelets to earrings.  Every time you wear your Abba House jewelry, you’ll be reminded that you helped provide hope for these people!


Made from indigenous materials in northern Uganda, purchasing this unique, and brightly colored jewelry helps keep women in Uganda from selling their bodies to sustain their families.


Nightlight jewelry makes for an elegant and sophisticated gift.  Made using freshwater pearls, crystals and/or beads, purchasing these accessories help women in Thailand by providing a sustainable income.

Artisan’s Lane

No matter the occasion, handmade cards from Artisan’s Lane, are a unique way to let someone know they are appreciated.  Buying these cards supports Artisan’s Lane, a company committed to supporting low-income communities through the  practice of fair trade principles.


Elegantees’ mission is to design trendy, yet modest and affordable, tops, tunics and blouses.  They are sewn by survivors of sex trafficking.  Their goal is to empower these women in healthy way to make a difference for their healing, restoration, and provision.


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