Do Good!

When you join the Buy Better Club, you’ll continuously play a part in providing freedom to women around the world.   For a monthly purchase, you can join a group of committed individuals, providing the kind of long term support that these women need.  Each month you’ll receive a box of Better Way Imports products: beautiful, handmade, eco-friendly bags, jewelry, accessories and more!   Through the establishment of local fair trade industries, you support companies who provide the products we sell give hope and a future- a future you are securing by participating in this fair trade business.

Today, for every $600 we sell here in the United States, one former slave can be employed in a fair and dignified manner for an entire year!  So, when you sign up for the Buy Better Club and participate for 12 months, you have provided economic freedom to a former slave for a whole year!


Do Well!

For your monthly subscription, you will receive an assortment of one or more of our product lines including: dazzling jewelry, stylish household goods, and colorful totes.  Each time you use these products you can tell the story of hope behind them.

There is a great need, but the potential is within your grasp- this is something you can do.  Today we help hundreds of women.  Our goal, in a few years, is to rescue 50,000 women.  The need is enormous, the satisfaction unending, and the good created a true blessing to everyone involved.

There is a story to tell about our beautiful products- a story that you will tell.  Become a part of this phenomenal venture today!

The Specifics: 

  • Join our Buy Better Club and receive fair trade products from Better Way Imports every month.
  • The Buy Better Club service is $55 a month.  Of that, $5 helps defray the shipping and handling costs, and $50 goes towards product sales that provide help for these women.
  • Each month you will receive fair trade products from Better Way Imports  with an average retail value of over $50!  Use these products for yourself or give as gifts!
  • Hassle-free payment!  We will charge your credit card or bank account closest to the 10th of each month.